Backerton is an independent design studio located in Oklahoma City, USA. It was started about 10 years ago by a husband and wife team. Regan (the wife) had always wanted to run her very own brick and mortar boutique, and Rusty (the husband) loved making things. They opened a boutique with a little workshop in the back room. Rusty would tinker in the little workshop and they would sell the items in the store.

Before long other stores wanted to buy some of the handmade items to offer in their own stores and Backerton was born. They don't own the boutique anymore, It got passed along to one of their employees when their first child was born and Regan needed to focus on being a mother. Rusty continued to make things, and now that their children have grown a bit Regan is helping make things too. The little workshop that was once in the back room has grown up a bit, and along with a few trusty employees we are still offering the same handmade goodness that started way back in 2007. 

We are still a tiny operation and care about our customers. We want everyone to be satisfied with the products we make and hope they enjoy them for years to come. should you have any issues with your products please let us know and we will be more than happy to help. Here is a link to the contact form